5 hours of sleep last night. Started my day with 4 hours of meetings. For someone who passed the 40 years mark a few years ago, it’s been a quite a challenge to say at least. Let’s have a beer 🍺

Setting working agreements can be good. But holy f...when there's a big mural board with procedures to follow just to CREATE the damn agreement...
Something I've noticed way too often. The process of creating the simplest things when there's a agile coach involved can be quite challenging.

Also when it's my first meeting of the day 😩

and keep it simple only applies to my workstation, apparently.

My k8n cluster and ipsec and wireguard tunnels and bgp peers and you name it...I really should clean that up some day.

So interesting story. I've been a linux user for...25 years. (Slackware 3.4 was my first encounter with linux) Today is the first time ever I am running Fedora, and I really like it so far!
The older I get, the more my mentality is: keep it simple you idiot.
So that's what I'm doing, it feels like.

Had a plan to run Slackware on my work laptop but when I'm somewhat struggling getting UEFI and full disk encryption running...I don't think that's a good idea for my work devices.

Was about to logon to uber eats, and noticed this. Ffs, having that as a default is ugly as hell

We happen to have a German beirgarten just around the corner and this was exactly what we wanted today after some adventures in NJ with the light rail.

Oh, and things got even better with tailscale now when I found the terraform provider.

So I took tailscale for a spin and..yeah I kind of like it. I've been running my own wireguard server the whole time but being able to get rid of the manual config/cert generation for the clients is a win I must say. I'll still run native wireguard and bgp between my datacenters but for clients it's a win!

And here's Bonuz. Bonuz is Dixis mother. If there was one, and one dog only I had to bring to a dark alley, this is the one! She's done some protection training and she's fearless.
And she keeps waking me up 6am with kisses every single morning for no reason at all...🤷‍♂️

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Verizon...verizon...why is it that getting some sort of contact details to someone who knows something about network is so difficult. The clogged pipe between Verizon and DTAG is causing headache for me...

I used to brew quite a lot of beer back home in Sweden but the move over to the US made me put everything on hold. But today my grain and hops arrived so I'll soon be back in business again! So much fun!

Why is it that first line support always has to be so...bad.
I mean, they are the first person a customer will interact with. For example, first line support for an ISP should know the basics of networking. If I say, "your looking glass service is showing this latency against service X", why would i be asked to check my equipment. It has nothing to do with it.

To answer my own question, they are routing traffic from East coast via LA

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Not sure what Verizon FIOS is doing but they have added a 150ms of latency for traffic between east coast and some parts of Europe. And this is from their own looking glass. 🤷‍♂️

Sitting in the bathtub with a glass of whiskey after the working day is over is life quality for me. 🥃

I gave my trust to Duplicati for backup's. By the looks of it now, my entire photo catalog since 2012 mostly have corrupted images when I try to restore them.

i mean, if i type HTTP://yadiyadi.yadi, dont screw around with my url and make it https, that's not what i typed, please.

Web browsers upgrading http connections to https, isn't that some scary shit? You type one thing and you get something different back?
AND, most of the browsers doesn't seem to care a shit about me disabling it. I don't want it because it breaks so many things in a home-lab.

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